AI that moves

your research forward.

Create personalized, polished & professional forms.

Efficiency meets precision. Pico empowers you to gather insights swiftly without compromising depth or nuance. It's more dynamic than a conventional form, and simpler to set up than a custom survey tool.

Input your questions and watch Pico generate a tailored experience for your respondents in no time. It's liberating to transform concepts into actionable data effortlessly.

AI features

Crafting ideas with precision.

No more daunting empty screens. With Pico, initiate surveys, feedback forms, and customer satisfaction reports effortlessly. Pico offers structured outlines and dynamic adjustments at every turn, ensuring your data collection is as insightful as possible.

AI features

Refining every detail, effortlessly.

Leave no room for error. Pico asks follow-up questions, digs deeper and adapts to the user responses. Additionally, effortlessly find relevant references online to enrich your surveys and reports, bringing your insights to life exactly as you envision them.

AI features

Elevate your data

with precision.

Pico takes your raw responses and refines them effortlessly. Simply input your data, and watch as Pico crafts concise summaries that distill complex information into actionable insights. Say goodbye to data overload, and hello to clarity and focus.

Immersive viewing

Built to look great

on any screen.

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Optimized for Mobile

No more pinching to zoom. Pico's dynamic, mobile-responsive forms adjust perfectly to any device, ensuring a seamless experience for respondents.

Simple Link Sharing

Just send a link. Easily distribute your Pico forms via email, text message, and social media, all with a single, shareable link.

Immersive Form Experience

An immersive, full-screen form awaits. Activate Pico's full-screen mode to give your questions the space and attention they need, providing a compelling and interactive form-filling experience.

Use cases

As versatile as you are.

Market Research and Surveys

Product Feedback and Beta Testing

Customer Feedback Forms

HR and Recruitment Surveys

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Event Feedback and Evaluations

Website Feedback Forms

Healthcare and Wellness Surveys

Formulate your next brilliant concept.